Monday, March 2, 2009

Church Fathers and "Sola Scriptura"

Supposing that the Apostles had left us nothing in writing, should we not still follow the rule of doctrine which they delivered to those to whom they entrusted the churches? This rule many barbarous nations follow, who, being without ink or parchment, have the word of salvation written by the Spirit in their hearts, and guard diligently the tradition which has been delivered."  --St Irenaeus, Adv. Heres. 1.iii.c.4

"Hence it is plain that the Apostles did not deliver to us everything by their epistles, but many things without writing. These are equally to be believed. Wherefore let us believe the tradition of the Church. It is tradition. Seek no further."--St John Chrysostom, (commenting on 2 Thess. 2:14)  Hom. 2 Thess.

Hmm, Scripture Alone as the sole rule and teacher of the Christian Faith? Not according to these Fathers. 

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