Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Continued Prayers

My wife gave birth to Brielle Elizabeth a week ago on Wednesday, August 19th. Baby Brielle had to be moved to Special Care Nursery because of some breathing complications. So I ask for your continued prayers in Rosaries, Masses, and Eucharistic Adoration for my dear daughter. May the Lord heal her little body and allow her to return home with us soon. 


  1. I have read your story on ByzCath forum.
    I would recommend you reading books by Conrad Baars and Anna Terruwe, they are a great help in recognizing the moral aspects of compulsion.

    How is it now?
    I'll pray for you and your family.

  2. Adalbertus,

    Thank you for your prayers. I have, by God's grace in the Sacraments and through prayer, gotten my "compulsion" issue under control for a month now. I actually feel the Lord's graces being poured out onto me in struggling with this addiction. I ask for continued strength and will-power to do what is holy and righteous in His sight.

    My baby girl is as health as can be. Thanks to all who lifted her and my wife up in prayer!

    Deo Gratias!!