Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Islamization of Europe - France

Here you will see Muslims rioting at a "Free Palestine" march against uniformed police somewhere in Europe. The police are overwhelmed and forced to disperse down the street as the angry mob chants Islamic slogans at them. My dear Brethren, I fear this is just the beginning of the aggressions Europe will see in the years to come.

Due to Western society's pluralistic beliefs, we are seeing France and other countries become Islamic, meaning laws are ignored to grant special privilege to the Muslim way of life. In the below video, which was captured in France by a brave Crusader who by the way has a death warrant on his head , shows Muslims lining the streets of Paris for prayer. Paris law forbids blocking the streets, which they are clearly doing.

I recently learned about an ancient prophecy concerning the end of days where the Great Monarch will come to power after or during a period of great chastisement from God the world has never experienced. This Monarch will be from Gaul/France and will rule with an iron sword all of Europe. All of the republics will fail, as clearly they are doing now, and crumble as the Holy Roman Empire is revived and the great King will rule with His Holiness the Pope at his side. The Protestant sects will cease to exist, all Christians will come back into the one fold, and Christendom will be at the strongest it will ever be. There will be a holy Crusade to remove evil from this world, and we will have a great period of peace.

You can read about this prophecy in the post below.

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