Saturday, February 21, 2009

"See God in every situation"

I was sitting there on this Saturday mid-morning and all of a sudden these words came to me, "See God in every situation". Lately, I have been worried about my current job situation. I'm ecstatic to be working for a Catholic radio station. However, I'm just concerned whether I can make it financially working off commissions alone at this time. And not to mention news of the current global financial downturn is everywhere you look. I've never felt more useless than I do right now. Before, I had college and a job to occupy my time. I felt like I was "doing something" that would get me to "some where else". Now, since I'm finished with my bachelors and I was let go from my job, I sit at home watching my daughter. Now, to be clear, I find that to be very precious and I am grateful I get to spend this valuable time with her. I love taking care of her and watching her advance each day. I truly know this is more important than any professional job that I could ever take on. But I just cant help it to feel like it should be the other way around. It's my responsibility to be the "bread winner" for my family, especially since I'm finished with college. 

I'm eager to get started selling for the radio station. I think there is a lot of potential there and Toledo has an extremely large amount of Catholic organizations, businesses, schools, hospitals, parishes, etc. that make this endeavor promising. So with that, I'm on God's good humor and I stand patiently waiting for the station to be up and running. And I must remember to "see God in every situation".  

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